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Antonietta Botticelli

I can personally relate to how challenging and scary it might be to start your journey to health and wellness. As the creator of abotti, I have taken my life experiences and developed a program that is inclusive to all, no matter your age, gender, fitness level or ability. Referred to as the female version of Richard Simmons of the North on Breakfast Television Toronto, I take pride in having built a community where everyone is equal and no one is better than the other.

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Jean-Luc Pharand &

Nicolas (Nick) Tremblay

Over the years, our passion to help others achieve success with their own lifestyle changes has evolved into something bigger. Our dream is to nurture a supportive and inclusive community that provides the motivation AND the means to help you accomplish your goals! With a holistic approach to health that includes mind, body, and soul, we’re proud to have co-created an organization that helps others to find the positive results they’ve been searching for. We hope those reading our journey feel inspired and try to improve their own lives. If the two of us can do it, you can too!

Kiran Bissoon

Living with pain can be a lonely and overwhelming space.  I should know, I spent decades searching for help to overcome depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, digestive problems, and autoimmune disorders, until I discovered the wisdom of Ayurvedic Food + Nutrition at the Om Tat Sat Institute of Yoga.  Now, as an Ayurvedic chef/nutritionist, gut health expert and anti-inflammatory foods specialist, my mission is to meet you where you are in your journey to wellness.  I offer you experiential empathetic support and guidance, that will help you to remove the veil of pain and Feed Your Joy, as I did, with the benefits of holistic healing and whole foods eating. 

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Rosie has always been a big girl.  She has spent a lot of time working through the up and downs of all aspects of her life. While she has found a lot of tools to help her along her journey, writing has often been one that she frequently uses to get what’s in her head out. To hear the choice of words, spoken or written, carry a lot of power for healing and growing.

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