Thank you for your support!

Reflecting all the way back from our very first P3 Retreat up to now, all the great times, wonderful people, fun events, and treasured memories, we had the honor of experiencing with all of you. We have enjoyed every minute of it and it has truly been a remarkable experience witnessing the positive changes within all of us! 

With regards to the four of us, our lives and paths have evolved and are taking us in different directions that we’re all excited about.  That being said,  it is with heavy hearts that we must announce the closure of P3 weight loss experience in order for us to explore the new opportunities coming our way. Our last day together will be Tuesday April 30th. While it is not easy to say goodbye, we take comfort in knowing that we have shared many wonderful memories and accomplishments together.

You can continue to follow the adventures of the former P3 Team by using the details below:

Jean-Luc and Nick


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IG/Tik Tok/Threads/X: @jeanlucandnick


Kiran Bissoon


IG: @kis_kitchen


Antonietta Botticelli


IG: @abottihope

Thank you and until we meet again!