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Preventing Cold and Flu Through Food and Diet Choices

Preventing Cold and Flu Through Food and Diet Choices

Preventing Cold and Flu Through Food and Diet Choices   For over two years now, I've successfully kept colds and flu at bay, and people often inquire, 'Kiran, how do you manage to stay so healthy?' The secret lies in my dietary choices. Let me take you on a...

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Squeeze the Day!

Squeeze the Day!

I have to admit I’ve been feeling a little bit down. A random accident has stifled my plans. My right big toe somehow got caught on my left pajama leg. Down I went, landing on my right side. I felt the pain, but I could pull myself up, get dressed, and go about my...

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Real People! Real Results!Stories of Success from Our Members

Dell-Anne Gowler

W 0 W this program works. The first few weeks I maintained which was great. Last week I lost 2 lbs and was so happy. Today I got on the scale, got off the scale, got back on, and blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing correctly, down 5 more! I feel amazing. More energy, clear thinking, calmer, nicer…. Thank you to the entire P3 team for their tireless, amazing work in helping all of us to a healthier, happier life. No tracking, weighing, stressing, how much better could it be.

Sherry Freund

I could write a book but in simple terms I am coming back because, for the first time in many years (most as a WW member) I have been able to lose weight slowly and almost without trying (11 pounds as of yesterday). I think it is because there is no rigidity in this experience. I can have the space to make healthy changes to my eating, exercise and mindset at my own pace, validating some changes I have understood for a long time that I needed to make but somehow couldn’t put into action before now. I sleep better, eat better and feel better, my blood pressure is down and I have never felt like I am on some kind of diet. I enjoy the safe space to share when I need to. All the little changes have added up to a better me.

Terri Zimmer

Today is my 5th Blue day on my Shapa. I’ve been Teal for weeks. More importantly, I just got my lab results and all of my blood work is back within normal range. This is a huge deal as my Dr’s told me it “wasn’t possible”. I don’t hurt all the time anymore and I’m sleeping. Woo-hoo!  I’ve been mostly lurking over the past several weeks as work commitments have been preventing me from actively participating. But I’ve signed up for the fall and I’m hoping I’ll be hanging out with you all in the evenings. Thank you to the P3 Team and each of you for sharing your journey. There is some truth in “sometimes it takes a village”. If anyone has been wondering about us quiet ones, I can say at least for myself that this program has made a huge difference in my life. PS: I’ve registered for MudGirl 2023.

Lynn Brandit

Hi everyone, Come Join the P3 weight loss experience. Try it out for 12 weeks, you will enjoy it, as much as I did. This is a unique group of wonderful caring. motivating, and knowledgeable leaders. You will enjoy this experience for so many reasons, hard to name it all!!  I have really found my ultimate comfort zone with this food plan. It has organized my brain finally with exactly the foods I need to lose weight, keep it balanced, interesting new recipe ideas and have fun while doing it. You will gain knowledge about health, wellness, peace of mind, staying active, positive, and ultimate happiness in this new way of eating that will become your new lifestyle. It’s amazing with this powerful team of people who can relate firsthand to this battle. All I can say is Bravo to this power team. Looking forward to continuing on this path for the fall experience coming up this Sept. Giving gratitude and thanks for having the opportunity to have been a part of it. Love to all.

Sue Goddard-Korstad

1000000% percent endorse this experience. I have always struggled with my weight and it will always be a lifelong experience for me. P3 has taught me more about myself, healthier changes, and acceptance than any other weight loss program.  It is about lifestyle and making choices that do not require regimented tracking, point counting, and focus on that damn scale. The folks who started this and guided and experienced this journey with you are some of the most dedicated, kindest, and devoted persons you could meet. The community of participants that have joined again for the fall is fabulous. You get out of this what you wish to take and put in. I have lost 15 lbs and looking forward to the fall experience …..come and join me and others. Hope to see you …

How P3 Experience Works

Real People. Real Results. A program for everyday people.

Wellness Coaching

Join Jean-Luc and Nick, to help you find your community, re-discover your inner power, and learn to love yourself again.

Meal Plan & Nutrition

Get ready to experience food in a whole new way that will delight your senses and Feed Your Joy!

Say Yes to Fitness

Join Antonietta to learn how to add movement to your daily routine, participate in virtual abotti classes, and get excited about being active!

Goal Setting

Regain your power and learn how to achieve realistic lifestyle goals!

What is P3 Experience?

Who is it for?

We typically find that people have many questions when starting out one of our experiences. From requirements for joining to the system structure we have outlined some popular questions for your convenience!

Can I join even if I can't walk far?

Absolutely! We will teach you how to train for 1 km, then 2 and so on to reach your goals. No matter where your starting point is we will help you get there.

What if I have digestive problems?

Kiran is a gut health, anti-inflammatory food specialist and Ayurvedic chef and nutritionist.  She will work with you to make the plan work for you.

Can I sign up if I've done an experience before?

YES! The P3 Weight Loss Experience team is constantly evolving and adding new features to enhance your experience.

Will it be easy to do on my own?

You are never alone with the P3 team! From other members of the community, to accountability partners you will find there is no shortage of friends waiting around the corner.

Experience a Fresh take on Weight Loss!

Our program is a holistic approach to weight loss that focuses on developing lifelong changes that will make a positive impact on your habits.

With the P3 Weight Loss Experience, you will discover healthy foods that make you feel good and re-awaken your taste buds.  You will experience positive changes in your Mind, Body and Soul!

The Experience includes tips and tricks, a meal plan, a pantry list, grocery shopping advice and so much more!

About P3

We started the P3 Weight Loss Experience to offer a community-based experience for real people looking for long term weight loss solutions.

Beginning any weight loss journey can be challenging, and the P3 team understands.

Based on our personal experiences, we recognized the importance of balancing the Mind, Body and Soul to achieve weight loss success.  We also understand the power of community and use that energy to propel you.

We meet you where you are in your wellness journey, whether you are a beginner, a novice or have been at it for a while.

You know you are ready for this, don’t hesitate, join the P3 Weight Loss Experience today!

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